Fighting back against the right wing

Animation of prominent GOP pols taking punches


Protect the Vote with the ACLU!

Politicians are drumming up false concerns and baseless conspiracies about widespread voter fraud to justify suppressing the right to vote. More than 350 voter suppression bills have been introduced in 47 states.

We need you with us to stop these efforts to suppress the vote. Add your name today to defend voting rights with the ACLU.


Send Mitch a Message and Help Protect Sea Turtles

For every signature on this petition (“Tell McConnell to stop slowing America’s recovery”), we will make a donation to one of these organizations helping to protect turtles. So just by signing, you can make an impact. The more signers, the bigger the impact, so help spread the word!


Trump Facebook Ban Upheld

Victory!  (for now, at least).  Trump Facebook ban is upheld! 


Stand with Major Biden against Fox News

When Joe Biden wanted a second dog, he adopted rescue dog “Major” from the Delaware Humane Association, setting a great example for people looking to get pets!

Like many rescue dogs, it’s taken some time for this pup to settle into his brand new surroundings -- in this case, the White House. And he’s nipped a few times, and is now getting more training.

But Fox News is now attacking Major, and saying he should be kept away from people altogether. It's cruel, it's...


Take Back the Court

Republicans stole the Supreme Court, but we can take it back.  Here's how.


Tell the Senate to Convict Trump

Tell the Senate: "Convict Trump"

He’s guilty. The evidence is clear and overwhelming.

And now it’s time for the Senate to do its job.

Tell the Senate: “Convict Trump”


Tell Pence: “Biden won. Do your job and say it.”

Tell Pence: “Biden won. Do your job and say it.”

Joe Biden won. The states have certified their electors, and those electors have voted. And now it’s time for Mike Pence to announce the results to Congress.

Pence KNOWS Biden won. But Trump is pressuring him to LIE to the American people. We need public pressure to force Pence to announce Joe Biden as the next president!

Tell Pence: “Biden won. Do your job and say it.”


Trump: An even bigger jackass that you thought

Tell Trump: "Nice going, jackass!"

Trump is an even bigger jackass than you thought.  


Revoke Trump's Security Clearance

Revoke Trump’s Security Clearance on January 20th Ex presidents have traditionally kept their security clearance, with an assumption they can be trusted with the nation’s secrets.

But Trump?  Hell no.

He has shown time and time again he can’t be trusted, he couldn’t care less about America’s security, and his clearance should be revoked as soon as President-elect Biden takes office.

Take action and add your name to the call:  “Revoke Trump’s security...